August 19 2022

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or social media in general, you’ve probably heard about “that girl.” She wakes up at 6 a.m, meditates, does yoga, and drinks green smoothies. While “that girl” might be a social media trend right now, yoga and meditation are ideal ways of improving your health.

With the new year right around the corner, we’re guessing one of your resolutions is better health. The most common resolutions people make are losing weight and exercising more. With so many benefits to offer both from a health and quality of life perspective, yoga is a must-try in 2022!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of yoga (and get some helpful tips for starting your practice)!



The wonderful thing about yoga is that it can be adjusted to suit anyone, with any goal or level of fitness. There are many types of yoga you can try, all of them with mental and health benefits, so picking a yoga style and keeping a regular practice will definitely improve your daily life. Let’s get right into the many yoga benefits you’ll experience in the new year!


Yoga is one of the best ways to improve flexibility while building strength. The slow movement of yoga movements helps to warm up your muscles and increase all-around blood flow. This also makes it a perfect exercise for beginners who can’t handle fast changes.

While you slowly shift from one pose to another, you spend quite a bit of time holding each position. Your muscles start working overtime to carry your weight, building strength in the process.

If you’re just starting and your flexibility is a little rusty, try using our Buddalife yoga block. Yoga blocks are tools that assist your body in achieving different yoga poses, allowing your body to feel the full effects of your yoga routine. They can also be used as a form of support, ensuring you avoid injury or strain. Subsequently, yoga blocks can act as a test for your body by adding a challenge to your routine, allowing you to build up strength and push your body to the next level.


Speaking of stress, we could all use a little more relaxation in our lives. Research shows that not only does yoga decrease stress and anxiety, it also helps regulate your blood pressure and boosts your mood!

Amazingly, the power of yoga is so strong that it can aid in reducing severe mental health disorders. Depression and anxiety often benefit from regular yoga practice. Studies on women with PTSD showed 52% no longer experienced PTSD symptoms after 10 weeks of yoga practice.

If you need a little extra help getting zen, try using a meditation cushion. The Buddalife Zafu meditation cushion, the Buddalife tall meditation cushion, and the Buddalife half-moon crescent meditation cushion help maintain good posture by aligning your spine with the rest of your body. They can also relieve stress on your joints, allowing you to fully focus on exploring your inner peace.



Your spine is the powerhouse of your body structure. A healthy spine requires muscle strength and stability in the front and the back. This means working on abdominal and back muscles simultaneously.

Through slow movements and long hold positions, your muscle tone in these key areas will increase. Developing back and abdominal muscles also boosts stability and posture. And yes, improves spine health, alongside a plethora of physical benefits, and can even help with weight loss!

If you find yourself hunched over your computer or developing the dreaded forward head posture (FHP), try some yoga exercises, as one of the main benefits of yoga is keeping you in proper shape. FHP is a common problem for people who spend large amounts of time working with technology. Not only is it unattractive, but it’s also really painful for your neck, shoulders, and back.


Did you know that yoga can actually help your brain do its job more efficiently? 86% of people who practice yoga report having a strong feeling of mental clarity.

Finding yourself constantly distracted? Yoga has been found to re-center attention, increase focus, and boost motivation. Next time you’re trying to finish a work project or study for an exam, try a few simple yoga poses!

While you’re at it, light a few of our candles to increase the benefits. Scents like spearmint and peppermint have proven to enhance focus and improve memory. Plus, there’s nothing better than the ambiance of a beautifully candle-lit room.



The American College of Physicians recommends yoga as an alternative to drugs for back pain relief. If that’s not a powerful endorsement, we don’t know what is.

Beyond back pain, yoga can be a potent whole-body chronic pain reliever. And because there is so much focus on slow movements and relaxation, it’s beneficial for all types of pain. Studies have found yoga to be particularly effective for chronic pain like headaches, neck pain, and knee inflammation.

But starting yoga can be hard on your joints if you don’t use the proper equipment. The most important tool to have? A quality yoga mat! Those cheap $5 mats are not going to cut it if you want a safe yoga experience.

The Buddalife Biocrystal Yoga Mat uses the calming biocrystal technology that reduces muscle tension. It also regulates oxygen intake and decreases the impacts of EMF around you. This powerful technology will transport you into a peaceful, serene state, allowing you to feel the full beneficial effects of your yoga routine.


The beautiful thing about yoga is that it’s perfect for solo exercise, but you can also enjoy it as part of a group. Almost every city has affordable drop-in yoga class options. And if you love it, you can opt to buy a membership.

Group yoga classes can be a great way to meet new people and form connections. You have instant access to a collection of like-minded individuals who are focused on health, and a good yoga instructor will help you get to the next level. Plus, studies have found that group exercise is actually better for you!

Yoga classes can transform exercise into a fun social activity. This, in turn, increases the motivation to stick to your commitment. Chances are, if you make friends who love yoga, you’ll end up loving it too.


Yoga has almost no barriers to entry as an exercise. All you need is a mat and some instructions from a yoga teacher you can trust. YouTube channels, like Yoga with Adrienne, are popular ways to start a daily yoga practice. With over 10 million subscribers, there’s something available for every fitness level.

But with so many styles of yoga, there are a few things to remember when first starting.


Yoga postures like the Lotus, as well as handstand, should be avoided at first. If you rush into it, you can hurt yourself. Not only that, but you’ll lose motivation because the positions are too difficult.

The best plan is to start with a beginner video that focuses on proper breathing techniques and simple poses. Then slowly build your practice as you gain confidence and strength.


Hot yoga and aerial yoga are trendy variations, but they can be limiting for beginners. They are usually more complicated and have risks for certain people.

Hot yoga poses a danger of dehydration and overheating. If you’ve never experienced it before, it can be a little intense. Aerial yoga is really fun but also challenging. Maintaining balance and using core muscles can be tough if you’re a beginner.

If you really want to try a trendy class, do it as a fun social activity with friends rather than as part of your routine. Just remember to go slow and stay hydrated!


See your neighbor sliding into perfect poses on her designer yoga mat during class? Don’t even think about comparing yourself to her!

Everyone has their own pace and advances in their own time. With practice, you’ll see improvement and progress when you’re ready. And comparing yourself to others takes the joy of out an immensely relaxing activity.


The right breathing techniques are a crucial part of improving your yoga skills, and doing breathing exercises are part of the journey Remember these tips when practicing breathing:

  • exhale when you bend forward
  • inhale when you open the chest
  • breathe in slowly and deeply
  • try using mostly your nose
  • focus on deep breathing: take a deep mouth breath when needed
  • let your chest and belly expand with air
  • try alternate nostril breathing


Over 300 million people enjoy the ancient practice of yoga across the globe. Not only is it wholesome for your body, but it also enhances mental health. With its many benefits, it’s no wonder that yoga is so popular.

Yoga practice is perfect for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between. There are even modified programs for pregnant people, children, and seniors. That’s why we think starting yoga should be the #1 New Year’s resolution on everyone’s list. But before jumping into a new practice, make sure you read on the forms of yoga, reviews on the gyms you would consider joining, its effects on the body and which type of yoga would work best for you!

At Buddalife, we work hard to create products that focus on your mental and physical well-being. We also care about sustainability, natural ingredients, and chemical-free solutions. So, you can be confident that your purchase will be good for you and the environment.