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Designed to maximise your yoga session, our yoga blocks are made from 100% recycled cork, making them both durable and sustainable.


Yoga blocks are tools that assist your body in achieving different yoga poses, whilst ensuring you avoid injury or strain.


The Buddalife cork yoga blocks can be used for stability during yoga poses and they also add height in standing and balancing poses.


With 3 different side dimensions, you can decide the height according to usage.


Additionally, cork yoga blocks can be placed between the knees in order to activate the adductors of the inner leg.


The unique texture of cork is a mixture of sturdiness, smoothness, and sponginess allowing you to still feel comfortable whilst carrying out your yoga routine.


Yoga blocks are ideal for all different levels of yoga enthusiasts. From beginners who are learning new poses, to advanced yogis who are ready to expand their skills even further, and everyone in between, our cork yoga blocks are designed with everyone in mind.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • The Buddalife Cork Yoga Blocks have rounded edges and corners to make them easily gripped and comfortable to use
  • Our yoga blocks will not lose their shape under your weight and will not damage flooring or yoga mats
  • Natural Antibacterial Properties
  • Skin Friendly and Non-toxic
  • Durable and Resilient

Our Impact

The Buddalife Cork Yoga Block uses natural materials to create a durable and high quality yoga block that is kind to the planet.   Typical yoga blocks are made from a rubber/foam-like material which can be harmful to the environment as they are often not biodegradable or degradable.   The yoga block can be disposed of naturally, allowing for reduced impact on our planet and a reduction in landfill waste.