August 19 2022

In Ireland, 61% of all households have either a cat or a dog. And it’s not uncommon for us to treat our pets like family members. In fact, 91% of Irish pet owners do! So naturally, you want the best for your dog.

One way to treat your pup well (or your loved one’s) is to get them useful items. This includes presents for dog owners too. After all, if humans can use them, they’ll benefit the dog as well, right?

If this has gotten you thinking about pet accessories, but you’re not sure what to get, then read on. Here are some ideas when it comes to gifts for dog owners, and whether you’re treating yourself or a friend, we can help you find the perfect gift!


Has your friend brought home a new puppy and is a new pet owner? Having a new family member, even though it is only an animal, still can be overwhelming. They might not have everything they need to care for the pup properly as well.

Treat your loved one to a pet bundle that’ll have all the basics in it. While it’s not a very personalised gift, it’s definitely one your friend will appreciate. When they’re fretting about grooming, washing, or feeding their new pet, all they have to do is reach into the bundle and find what they need in a pinch!



If you’re familiar with our brand, then you’ll know that we have an amazing line called Buddabag. These are memory foam bags where you can kick back and relax, without worrying that you’ll get up with aches and pains. We’ve designed these bean bags to support bodies of all body shapes and sizes!

As pet lovers, we thought the Buddabag was such a good idea and we saw how much humans enjoyed them, so we decided to make one for your pets too. They’ll love having a matching one with you!

Our Buddapet dog beds are made to help your canine companion relax and get both relief and support for their joints and muscles. Because they’re made of canvas, not only are our Buddapet bags durable, but they’re also water-resistant and easy to clean.

The covers are removable so you can just take them off and toss them into the wash. They have a high washing temperature of up to 60 C. Or if you’re feeling lazy and just want to spot clean, just use the hoover, as our dog beds are hoover-friendly. They also come in just the right variety of sizes. Also, by having its own Buddapet dog bed, you can now call your friends’ dog a properly pampered pooch!

dog bed


In most cases, dog collars and harnesses are made from either nylon or polyester, even high-end or luxury dog collars. The thing is, both of these materials are non-biodegradable! So, if your dog’s collars and leads break or wear down, these things will just sit in a landfill for a really long time.

Just in 2018, Ireland was approaching zero capacity for its landfills. If you want to do your part in looking after the environment, then replacing your pet’s collars and leads with biodegradable ones is a start!

Hemp and bamboo are wonderful alternatives to classic or leather dog collars since they’re not harmful, and while biodegradable, they are made from a durable material, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the low quality of the materials. At the same time, they’re very durable too. And most importantly, they’re comfortable for your dog, so it’s all out a practical collar.

Keep an eye out on the Buddalife social media pages and sign up to our newsletter to get the first look at the Buddapet Hemp and Bamboo dog collars and leads launching soon!


Dog puffer jackets might look like they’re only a fashion accessory, but they can actually keep your dog warm. And you might think that just because dogs have a fur coat, they’ll do just fine in cold weather.

However, the truth is, if they don’t have a thick one, outside conditions might not be too pleasant or even healthy for them. Dogs like the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky love the cold weather, but dogs with thin coats (especially smaller ones) will need extra protection.

This is where a dog puffer jacket comes in! You can dress your puppy up in various jackets that’ll make them look chic whenever you walk down the road. And it’ll help them keep their body temperature up too, ready for any type of outdoor conditions while keeping a happy pet throughout the winter.


One of the biggest issues dogs can get is fleas, especially during hotter days when they’re out playing more. Seeing your pet pooch scratching themselves because of these pesky pests can be heartbreaking, so why not get something that’ll help them out?

Buddapet is launching our very own flea oil which is formulated with your pet’s best interests in mind. We don’t use any toxic ingredients and they’ll be gentle on their skin. However, our oils are still strong enough to combat fleas and drive their populations down. Keep an eye out for this launch.

Our oils also smell nice, so you don’t have to worry about your puppy running around and smelling up the entire place. Keep an eye out for this launch.


You can’t go wrong with dog toys! They’re always a hit, no matter how old or young the dog is, and regardless of the breed.

What’s great about dog toys is there’s a wide assortment of them as well. From simple rope toys and squeaky toys, to frisbees and treat-dispensing toys, you’ll be able to select ones that’ll keep your loved one’s puppy entertained for hours. There are also toys made for enrichment and mental stimulation, so not only will the pup be entertained, but they’ll also learn some skills.

To really spoil the pooch, put together a huge basket of dog toys and then watch them go nuts!


Having a good pet ID tag can mean all the difference between losing your pet for good or finding them quickly, should they escape your property.

An excellent gift idea for dog owners is a smart pet ID tag. These come on scratch-resistant and waterproof material, so the information displayed doesn’t fade away.

But more importantly, these are connected to a smartphone app. Should your dog or your loved one’s go missing, the person who finds them can scan the tag and it’ll send your phone the dog’s GPS location. The tag also contains important information, such as the pet’s name, your address, phone number, its vaccinations, and its vet name.


Studies have shown that pet bowls are the 3rd most contaminated object in your house especially for dog owners, dogs being quite some messy eaters. They’re a huge breed ground for bacteria and germs, especially since your dog’s drinking out of it throughout the day!

Owners are great at refilling pet bowls, seeing as they want their furry friends to stay hydrated. But how many would say they clean the dog bowls daily?

If you’re guilty as charged, then a dog bowl filter can be a great gift to yourself. These go inside the pet bowls and the water is filtered on its own, all throughout the day. The filters help to purify and enhance the water’s quality, prevent slimy buildup in the bowl, and prevent grass burn.

Of course, you’ll still have to clean out the filter. But this only needs to be done once a week, which is easier for you to manage.

The Buddapet dog bowl filters (launching soon) are made out of recycled plastic for the filter and natural rubber for the suction pads. You’ll be getting something that’s eco-friendly!


In recent years, it’s been popular for humans to get DNA tests. These reveal loads of information about their ancestry, as well as their genetics. Not only can this help people learn about their background, but also become more aware of any health issues they might be more prone to.

Today, we’ve also got DNA tests for dogs! Like with the human version, these will tell you about your dog’s breed breakdown and breed background. This can confirm your thoughts and also help you care for your pup better since you’ll know what illnesses and disorders to watch out for.



Does your loved one like to bring their dog everywhere with them? Then a good gift choice can be a pet carrier. There are some fantastic designer carriers out there if your friend’s a fashionista.

Otherwise, there are plenty of simple carriers to choose from. They’ll be waterproof and roomy so your friend’s pet can sit comfortably while being toted across town.


Dog owners and other animal lovers only want the best for their pets. And by choosing the next pet gear from this list, you’ll be helping them do so!

Show the dog lover in your life that you understand how much they care for their furry family member, and with our gifts, the gift recipient will be blown away. They’ll definitely appreciate these thoughtful and amazing presents! And if you’re a dog lover, then both you and your pup will enjoy the best in life with these pet accessories.

If you’d like to get yourself some gifts, why not check out the rest of our site for wholesome and healthy products?