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Transport yourself into a state of complete relaxation and tranquility with the Zafu meditation cushion which helps you to maintain a healthy posture as you explore your inner peace. With a buckwheat hull interior and the infusion of Biocrystal technology, the Zafu meditation cushion takes your meditation routine to a whole new level and enhances the benefits of practicing mindfulness.


The Buddalife Zafu meditation cushion contains a buckwheat hull interior and Biocrystal technology that work together to provide comfort, support and a deeper sense of relaxation whilst you meditate.


Care Instructions: 

All of our covers are machine washable at 30 Degrees but do not get on well with tumble dryers – so flat dry only, please.


The Buckwheat hull:
  • Provides a degree of support that a regular cushion could not due to its ergonomic design that does not collapse under your body weight
  • With its perfect balance of firmness and flexibility, the buckwheat hull cushion helps to relieve stress on your joints and spine during meditation
  • It is the perfect companion for your meditation routine as it provides you with comfort whilst also keeping you cool due to the ability of air to easily pass through the buckwheat hulls
  The Biocrystal technology helps:
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Regulate oxygen levels
  • Decrease the impact of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

Our Impact

All of our meditation cushions are handmade in Ireland by our dedicated team meaning there are no damaging production lines involved in our process.   We partner up with the local charity WALK and employ people with different special needs who help us make and process your Buddalife orders!